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Flora & Fauna

The Flora and Fauna of the Daintree Rainforest



The vegetation at the Daintree Rainforest Observatory is complex mesophyll vine forest. There are a large range of botanical structural features represented including buttress and spur roots, a tall but irregular canopy with indistinct stratification of sub-canopy (saplings/seedlings/ground cover layers) and irregular stem diameters. There are a variety of robust woody lianas, vascular epiphytes, palms (both feather and fan), zingibers and aroids prominent on the site. The canopy is irregular, varying from 25 to 40 metres, with dominant canopy trees belonging to the Proteaceae, Meliaceae, Sapindaceae, Apocynaceae, Lauraceae and Myrtaceae families.


The surrounding forests support around eight hundred species of vertebrates, a number of which are endemic. Mammals observed on the site include Bennett’s tree-kangaroo, prehensile-tailed rat, long-tailed pygmy possum, striped possum, giant white-tailed rat, Cape York and bush rats, fawn-footed melomys, long-nosed bandicoot and a variety of bats. A wide range of birds including several dove species, five species of honeyeaters, Victoria's riflebird, orange-footed scrubfowl, spotted catbirds, lesser sooty owls and parrots have been recorded at the site. Also present on site are several frog species and reptiles including Boyd's forest dragon, eastern water dragon, carpet and amethystine pythons and two Colubrid snakes.