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Centre Overview

James Cook University is uniquely situated to discover and test novel compounds of therapeutic potential. The Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef provide unparalleled biodiversity. North Queensland also harbours many parasites and other microorganisms that are restricted to tropical environments, such as hookworms and box jellyfish. With such enormous biodiversity comes a unique opportunity to explore and develop new medicines derived from these natural resources as novel therapeutics for a range of non-infectious human illnesses.

The Centre for Biodiscovery and Molecular Development of Therapeutics was created to provide a unique framework for a diverse range of groups to collaborate on cross-disciplinary projects. The Centre provides an innovative approach to the development of compounds of therapeutic potential under its five key programs which each comprise their own project leader/s and team consisting of project researchers and early career researchers.

Video iconBMDT videos Watch video introductions to the Centre's programs:
Biodiscovery | Molecular Immunology | Clinical Translation  


File iconBMDT brochures Download web versions of the Centre's trifold brochure, available in three themes: 

Red  | Biodiscovery theme
Green | Clinical Translation and Molecular immunology theme
Blue  | Molecular Characterisation & Design theme