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The Centre comprises academics from a number of schools within the Faculty of Medicine, Health & Molecular Sciences and the Faculty of Science & Engineering, as well as from other universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies.

These researchers bring to the Centre established national and international collaborations across both developed and developing countries to form a global network of like-minded scientists and clinicians. This ensures that the Centre benefits from substantial expertise in the discovery and development of novel therapeutics, as well as from the researchers’ proven capacity to deliver on research aims.

BMDT Advisory Board

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Program Leaders

Director Professor Alex Loukas (Biodiscovery)

Director Professor Andreas Lopata (Molecular Immunology)

Professor Norelle Daly (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Professor Alan Nimmo (Clinical Translation)

Associate Professor Jamie Seymour (Biodiscovery)


Program Researchers

Associate Professor Bruce Bowden (Biodiscovery)

Dr Parmajit Bansal (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Dr Gustavo Cerqueira (Biodiscovery)

Dr Lisa Chilton (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Professor Geoffrey Dobson (Clinical Translation)

Professor Denise Doolan (Biodiscovery)

Dr Matt Field (Biodiscovery; Molecular Characterisation & Design; Molecular Immunology)

Dr Paul Giacomin (Clinical Translation; Molecular Immunology)

Dr Lionel Hebbard (Clinical Translation)

Dr Ernie Jennings (Clinical Translation)

Emeritus Professor Richard Keene (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Professor Natkunam Ketheesan (Molecular Immunology)

Dr Robert Kinobe (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Associate Professor Mark Little (Clinical Development)

Associate Professor John Miles (Biodiscovery, Clinical Translation)

Professor David Miller (Molecular immunology)

Dr. Kate Miller (Molecular Immunology)

Dr Haleagrahara Nagaraja (Clinical Translation)

Associate Professor Michael Oelgemöller (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Dr Mark Pearson (Biodiscovery; Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Dr Peter Peirera (Clinical Translation)

Dr Mark Robertson (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Dr. Zoltan Sarnyai (Biodiscovery; Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Associate Professor Pankaj Saxena

Dr. Patrick Schaeffer (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Professor Louis Schofield (Clinical Translation; Molecular Immunology)

Dr Alexandra Trollope (Biodiscovery)

Associate Professor Jeffrey Warner (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Dr. Greg Watson (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Dr. David Wilson (Biodiscovery; Molecular Characterisation & Design)


External Researcher Collaborators

Professor Ronald Quinn (Biodiscovery)

Dr. Cinzia Cantacessi (Biodiscovery)

Dr. William Loging (Biodiscovery, Clinical Translation)

Professor Istvan Toth (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Adjunct Professor John Croese (Clinical Development)

Professor Peter J Steel (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Professor Grant Collins (Molecular Characterisation & Design)

Dr Tony Rahman

Dr Jason Mulvenna

Associate Professor Adam Ye (Molecular Immunology)

List of Early Career Researchers

List of Higher Degree Researchers