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Professor Grant Collins

School of Physical, Environmental & Mathematical Sciences, Australian Defence Force Academy, UNSW, Canberra

Professor Grant Collins (Australian Defence Force Academy - UNSW) has an international reputation in the study of metal complex-nucleic acid interactions, as well as the development of anti-cancer drugs and their delivery mechanisms.  In the collaborative program with Emeritus Professor Richard Keene, Assoc.-Profs. Kirsten Heimann and Jeffrey Warner, and Professor Peter Steel he will be responsible for the chemical components of the project, the NMR studies with liposomes and lipopolysaccharides and the protein binding studies.  Professor Collins and Professor Keene have long history of productive collaboration on ARC-DP grants, a significant number of joint publications (including invited reviews and book Chapters) and a patent application associated with the current program in which they are the major listed inventors.  Professor Collins currently holds an Adjunct appointment at the James Cook University in the School of Pharmacy & Molecular Sciences.

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