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Dr. Gregory Watson




  • Dr Watson has been a keynote/invited speaker and chair at numerous conferences and institutions. Examples:
  • Invited speaker - “Investigating the Micro/Nano world - Small things can solve Big problems”, Learning Day at GU, Gold Coast Campus
  • Session Chair – SPIE 2005, QLD University of Technology
  • Invited speaker-Scanning Probe Microscopy Workshop, University of Wollongong.
  • Keynote speaker-Qld RACI Chemical Education Group Secondary/Tertiary Interface, “Natural nanostructures”: Functioning determined by Physical and Analytical Chemistry (including Atomic Force Microscopy), August 2012.


2012 LIEF Grant LE120100121: 2012 An integrated system for characterization of mechanical behaviour of bio- and nanomaterials at micro and nano scales in Queensland. A/Prof Cheng, A/Prof Clayton Adam, A/Prof Han Huang, Prof Jin Zou, A/Prof Zhongxiao Peng, Prof Richard Clegg, Prof Prasad Yarlagadda, Prof John Bell, A/Prof Rowan Truss, Dr Meng Hou, Dr Ling Yin, Dr Gregory Watson, Dr Bobby Kannan Mathan, Dr Kai Duan, Dr Geoffrey Pang, A/Prof Geoffrey Will.

Collaboration Across Boundaries:2011 GS Watson, R de Nys: Adhesion and fouling properties of terrestrial natural micro/nano structures in aquatic environments. Other participants: JA Watson.

JCU FAIG Grant: 2011 GS Watson: Self-Cleaning Mechanisms of Geckos. Other participants: A/Prof. L Schwarzkopf, Dr JA Watson

GU-JCU Collaborative Grants: 2010 GS Watson (JCU), D Gardiner (QIMR), K Tienholme (QIMR), CL Brown (GU): The Application of Scanning Probe Microscopy for the Analysis of Malarial Gametocytes. Other Participants: JA Watson.

Griffith University Signature Funding Scheme 2008 Engaging Research in Nanoscience (incorporation of research based experiments for third and fourth year students) Investigator Dr Greg Watson

Griffith University E- Grant 2008 Properties, functions and potential applications of nano/micro-scale arrays on insect surfaces Investigator Dr Greg Watson

Griffith University Research Grant 2007 Nano-Machining of Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) films: Fabrication by Atomic Force Microscopy Investigators: Dr Greg Watson, Dr S Myhra

ARC Discovery Grant DP05597822005-2008 Nano-machining of diamond-like carbon (DLC): Scientific basis and technical potential Chief Investigator (CI)Dr GS Watson Partner Investigator (International) Dr S Myhra Brought forward to 2008

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(07) 4781 6069 (Australia)

+61 7 4781 6069 (International)