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Dr. William Loging


Dr. Loging’s has spent the past 20 years focusing on generating treatments for human disease. Bridging both clinical genomics and pharmaceutical sciences, he have been globally recognized for his work with Maraviroc (Selzentry™) for use in HIV. The results of past his contribution to the approval of Empagliflozin (Jardiance™) were listed within the drug insert. He has published in several leading scientific journals on utilization of novel informatics approaches to Drug Discovery and his TEDx talk last year on Cancer genomics was highly acclaimed. He currently holds several appointments at the Mt Sinai School of Medicine where he focuses on the clinical fields of Oncology and Immunology. He is also publishing a book with Cambridge University Press on the subject of Computational Biology use in the field of Drug Discovery. 


Dr. Loging conducts multiple drug discovery projects using natural product sources for utilization in pharmaceutical pipelines. 


Industry Grants in the area of pharmaceutical  research. 

Examples of New Biological Entity (NBE) Patents 

United States Patent US7115265

Delivering a reagent to a glioblastoma by contacting glioblastoma cells with a reagent (especially an anticancer agent) conjugated to an antibody

WO 2013/165791

Anti-il-23p19 antibodies

Awards and Honours

Pfizer Global Achievement Award given in support of US/European Maraviroc New Drug Application filing

Key Publications

Rodriguez-Esteban, R., Loging, W.T. (2013) Quantifying the complexity of medical research. Bioinformatics Vol 29(22):2918-24. 

Tilp, C., Capur V., Lamberts, C., Loging, W.T. and Erb, K. (2013) Prerequisites for the pharmaceutical industry to develop and commercialise helminths and helminth-derived product therapy. International Journal for Parasitology Vol. 43 (3-4): 319-325. 

Loging, W. T., Rodriguez-Esteban, R., Hill, J., Freeman, T., and Miglietta J. (2011) Cheminformatic/bioinformatic analysis of large corporate databases: Application to drug repurposing. Drug Discovery Today: Therapeutic Strategies Vol. 8(3–4): 109-116. 

Fliri A., Loging, W.T., and Volkmann R (2011) Analysis of Information Flows in Interaction Networks: Implication for Drug Discovery and Pharmacological Research. Discovery Medicine 11(57):133-143.

Contact info/location

William.Loging at 

Mt Sinai Hospital 
New York, NY