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Professor Louis Schofield



Professor Louis Schofield is an International Research Scholar of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and an original founder of Ancora Pharmaceuticals Inc., a biotech start-up based in Boston, Massachussetts, with which the lab has excellent collaborative links. Louis is responsible for setting the broad research directions of the group. However, all members of the lab are encouraged to propose and develop new ideas.

Although numbers vary with time, the group typical comprises 1-2 Honours students, 1-2 PhD students, 4-5 post doctoral fellows, 2-3 research assistants and an animal technician. High quality institute-wide services are provided for support wash-up and preparation, histology, animal facilities, hybridoma production, sequencing, tissue and microbial culture media, FACS facility, confocal microscopy, graphics, computing, bioinformatics, isotopes and radiolabeling. The institute runs a Joint Protein Structure laboratory. We also have access to GC/MS, mass spectrometry, and NMR. The institute has a commercial "incubator" facility located at Bundoora and our lab runs a government-funded vaccine development project at that site.


  • Development of 'anti-toxic' malaria vaccines;
  • Bioactivity, signal transduction and mechanism of action of GPIs;
  • Identity of the GPI toxin receptor: (iv) role of CD1-restricted NKT cells in immune responses to malaria and Leishmania;
  • Role of the murine Natural Killer Complex and syntenic regions in humans in susceptibility/resistance to malaria and Leishmania;
  • Regulation of T cell function in protozoal infections;
  • Microarray analysis of the host transcriptional response to protozoa;
  • Genetic and immunological determinants of malarial pathogenesis in human populations;
  • Clinical and parasitological immunity to malaria in humans



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