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The Biodiscovery Program


Many currently utilised medicines are derived from plants and animals. The sheer abundance and richness of marine and terrestrial flora and fauna in our tropical region, including the many parasites and other micro-organisms which are restricted to the tropical environment, present a unique opportunity for the discovery of new therapeutics.

The Biodiscovery Program aims to isolate molecules of therapeutic potential produced by the tropical flora and fauna. The identification of these molecules will be undertaken using advanced analytical approaches in protein/peptide purification, structural and molecular biology.

Program Leaders

Professor Alex Loukas

Associate Professor Jamie Seymour 

Program Researchers

Associate Professor Bruce Bowden

Dr Gustavo Cerqueira 

Professor Norelle Daly 

Professor Denise Doolan

Dr Matt Field

Professor Andreas Lopata

Associate Professor John Miles

Dr Mark Pearson

Dr Zoltan Samyai

Dr Alexandra Trollope

Dr David Wilson

Early Career Researchers

Dr Fiona Baird

Dr Ramon Eichenberger

Dr Sandip Kamath

Dr Michael Smout

Dr Javier Sotillo

Dr Phurpa Wangchuck

External Collaborators

Dr Cinzia Cantacessi

Dr. William Loging

Professor Ronald Quinn