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The Molecular Characterisation and Design Program

mol2Molecular characterisation focuses on the molecular development activities that follow the biodiscovery phase. The program aims to harness the therapeutic potential of molecules produced by the tropical flora and fauna, design and optimise synthetic versions of these molecules, and use them to treat a range of chronic and acute illnesses and envenomations. Molecular development activities include the isolation of bioactive molecules from natural and synthetic sources and modification of these molecules to maximise their therapeutic efficacy.

The Design and Delivery program

Design aims to explore and create new approaches to drug design and delivery. It includes the synthesis of new classes of pharmacologically-active organic and inorganic compounds as targets which possess, inter alia, cardiovascular, anti-cancer, anti-microbial  and anaesthetic properties. Studies are also directed to cytotoxicity and mechanism of cell entry of target drugs into cancer cell lines and bacteria – in particular to drug-resistant pathogens (including MRSA and TB) with the aim of maximising antimicrobial activity and minimising toxicity to human cells through a synthetic program coupled to detailed analysis of the biological processes.

Program Leader

Professor Norelle Daly

Program Researchers

Dr Paramjit Bansal

Dr Lisa Chilton

Emeritus Professor Richard Keene

Dr Robert Kinobe

Professor Alex Loukas

Professor Alan Nimmo

Associate Professor Michael Oelgemöller

Dr Mark Pearson

Dr Mark Roberston

Dr. Zoltan Sarnyai 

Dr Patrick Schaeffer

Associate Professor Jeffrey Warner

Dr David Wilson

Early Career Researchers

Dr Helma Antony

Dr Ioana Bowden

Dr Alanna Cooper

Dr Marshall Feterl

Dr Matt Field

Dr Sandip Kamath

Dr Elecia Johnston

Darren Pickering

Dr Michael Smout

Dr Javier Sotillo

External Research Collaborators

Professor Grant Collins

Professor Peter J Steel

Professor Istvan Toth

Dr Greg Watson