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Welcome to the Centre for Biosecurity and Tropical Infectious Diseases

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Infectious disease agents impose major costs on human and animal health and are constantly threatening to undermine biosecurity.  The world’s tropical regions have special significance since several infectious diseases, many of which are zoonotic, have either been newly identified or have re-emerged there over recent decades. Detection and control of tropical infectious diseases is a major global challenge.

In response to this challenge, James Cook University established the Centre for Biosecurity and Tropical Infectious Diseases (CBTID) in 2012. The Centre brings together a spectrum of researchers whose interests span human and animal diseases. This new alignment will lead to lead to improvements, conceptual and practical, in the study and prevention of infectious diseases. The Centre tackles two core research goals:

  • to expand knowledge and understanding of tropical infectious diseases and translate this into new tools to manage diseases, and control their transmission, at both individual animal and population levels; and
  • To harness the latest technologies in cell and molecular biology, proteomics, structural biology and immunology to better understand the interactions that occur between pathogens and their hosts and to translate that understanding into the development of new vaccines and therapies.

The research of the Centre is carried out within two programs:

CBTID is home to a vibrant research student population with numerous opportunities for Masters and PhD research programs, undertaken within state-of-the art facilities specifically established to study tropical infectious diseases, within the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine.

In addition to its own research, the Centre is also the host for several important national and international research networks: