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Grant congratulations to CBTID researchers

Alanna Sorenson and colleagues and Leigh Owens and colleagues have won Seed Funding through CBTID for their research.

We received eight high quality applications for our 2014 CBTID Grant Round, which were assessed by a subcommittee of the CBTID Management Committee. All eight applications were worthy of funding; however, as in all funding schemes, we could only fund a small percentage of those worthy of funding. The Committee was unanimous in selecting:

[1] Alanna Sorensen and her team (including Brenda Govan, Leigh Owens and Paula Clancy) for Flaviviral exacerbation of T2 diabetes;

[2] Leigh Owens and his team (including Brenda Govan, Alanna Sorenson, Lisa Elliott and Paula Clancy) for Development of a bacteriophage panel for foot ulcers in Indigenous Australians.