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The Comparative Genomics Centre

The Comparative Genomics Centre (CGC) is a research centre at James Cook University, originally founded in 2003. At foundation, the overall aim of the CGC was to use a variety of genetic models, including staghorn coral, fruit fly and mice, to study human disease from an evolutionary perspective. The research performed in the Centre enhances our understanding of the processes involved in cancer, birth defects, immune compromised states and autoimmune disease. As the Centre has grown, it has become a focus of resources and expertise in genetics for the University and the region. The member laboratories now cover a much broader range of applications of genetics and genomics, including the science of coral reef management and biotechnological applications.  Its member laboratories now span two colleges in two divisions of James Cook University. 


Deadlines for Scholarship Applications
Applications for Postgraduate Scholarships for 2017 are CLOSING SOON!!!

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)
These scholarships provide scholarships and stipends to cover fees and living costs for international students to study at the CGC. As these applications require evidence of language proficiency, it is best to start enquiries early - see application details and phone a Laboratory Head today.


Australian Postgraduate Awards
These scholarships are awarded to Australian permanent  residents/citizens to support  research training. Early planning is critical to a successful application. Laboratory Heads are happy to discuss available projects.


For more informationRegarding Schollarship Applications see the Graduate Research Schools' (GRS)


A number of short term (up to six months) positions are available for people on Working Holiday Visas who have a scientific background to work and train within laboratories of the Comparative Genomics Centre. Please contact  Alan Baxter if interested.


Over the 2017-2018 Summer vacation, the CGC will fund up to six studentships for undergraduate students studying relevant majors, to work in the research laboratories of the Centre for six weeks or more. Click here for further details.

2015 Comparative Genomics Centre Video Competition


- click here for the entries


Facilities of the Comparative Genomics Centre


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