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Our Seminars


  • Up Coming Seminar

-27/04/2017 Prof Geoffrey Hill, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. Using the immune system to treat cancer

-24/05/2017, Dr. Camille GuillereyQIMR Berghofer Medical Research InstituteAnti-CD137 mAb Immunotherapy for Multiple Myeloma

  • Past Seminars


-02/03/2017, Dr Steven Robbins, University of Queensland. Hologenome sequencing of the indo-pacific reef building coral, Porites lutea, illuminates the roles of critical microbial symbionts

-10/03/2017, Dr Patrick Laffy, The Australian Institute of Marine Science. Holovir : The Taxonomic and functional role of virus communities in marine holobiont systems

-07/04/2017, Dr Denis Bauer, CSIRO.