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Reviewing trends in pharmacy education

Pharmacy education is changing as the profession evolves, notes CNMR PhD candidate John Smithson in a recently-published open access paper.

A literature review about the use of standardized patients in pharmacy education by College of Healthcare Sciences lecturer John Smithson has been published in the journal Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, and is available now through open access.

Mr Smithson, a nurse and pharmacist, is writing a thesis about standardised patient teaching methods in pharmacy education and is using a case study methodology.

In his recently-published paper, Mr Smithson writes: "In response to increased demand for services and the down scheduling of prescription medicines, the pharmacy profession has extended its principle role of the supply of medicines and medicine information to include a range of other services that support a collaborative, patient-centered model of care."

"There is an opportunity to increase the use of simulation in pharmacy education and this requires pharmacy educators to borrow from the experiences of other health professions and to be creative in incorporating this teaching method into existing curricula."

Read the article here.

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