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Supporting and educating nurse researchers

Innovative teaching strategies used to support nursing research were highlighted at the National Nursing Forum in Brisbane by CNMR Director Professor Jane Mills.

Nursing students often express negativity or ambivalence towards learning about and doing research. CNMR director Professor Jane Mills  delivered a presentation recently to the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) national forum about creating online 'communities of inquiry' to foster interest and skills in research.

"Educators must lead the way in the field of research by providing effective and relevant education about research to improve, not only evidence-based practice and patient care, but also to develop nursing as a profession," explained Professor Mills, who is pictured, second from the left, with colleagues at the forum.

She described a teaching innovation trialed at James Cook University whereby a Communities of Inquiry (CoI) framework was introduced in a post graduate nursing research subject.

The framework incorporated key social, cognitive and teaching elements into an online community to support and foster learning. The COI-based learning circles were well-received by students whose perceptions of research improved along with their higher-order learning and thinking.

"The process of conducting modern nursing research is, in itself, the creation of a community of inquiry. The subject innovation showed CoI was not only an effective way to teach students about research methods, but also to teach students how to do research," said Professor Mills.

View the PowerPoint presentation delivered at the conference here.

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