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Tweeting for Indigenous health

The third Twitter day of action for Indigenous Health, #IHMayDay16, will take place on May 12.

'Youth, family and suicide prevention' will be the theme of the third annual Indigenous Health May Day Twitterfest (#IHMayDay16), organised by JCU Centre for Nursing and Midwifery, Indigenous Futures research lead Dr Lynore Geia.

The aim of #IHMayDay on May 12 and is to share stories and further conversations about the health and wellbeing issues Indigenous youth and families experience.

Guest Indigenous tweeters will feature in the 12-hour program. Indigenous people are invited to join in the conversation, explore solutions and build community to move forward.

"We ask non-Indigenous people on Twitter to support our voices and retweet on the day and share the content with others," said Dr Geia.

"Last year, when we hosted the event at JCU's Townsville campus, we reached 49 million impressions on the day, which was double the number of impressions of our inaugural 2014 IHMayDay."

This year the event is hosted by the University of Wollongong, Associate Professor Bronwyn Carlson; Indigenous Studies. Law, Humanities & The Arts.

"By inviting other universities to host the day we hope to share knowledge and have the conversations about Indigenous health in other universities as well as JCU," said Dr Geia.

Learn more about the event here 

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