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Clinical Practice Program

Clinical Practice Program

Dr Kristin Wicking
Dr Kristin Wicking

Led by Dr Kristin Wicking, the Clinical Practice Program area aims to develop and implement translational research studies that result in evidence utilisation at the point of care.  Supported by strong clinical partnerships between the CNMR and our health service partners, studies in clinical research are making a difference to patients' lives through improving their health and wellbeing.

Research currently focuses on the following themes:

  • Tropical infectious diseases and nursing care
  • Cancer nursing
  • Healing touch and other complementary and integrative therapies
  • Chronic disease/long term conditions

If you are interested in conducting clinical research please contact

Program lead Dr Kristin Wicking: (07) 4781 5353 (Townsville campus) or by email

Follow us at jcu_nursing or #jcucnmr