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Indigenous Futures Program

Dr Lynore Geia
Dr Lynore Geia

Indigenous communities have some of the highest morbidity rates across the world and are particularly affected by chronic disease and mental health issues.  In Australia, Indigenous community members have lower life expectancy rates than non-indigenous members and on average Indigenous people have less access to health services.

The program area of Indigenous Futures aims to improve the health of Australia's Indigenous people, the people of the Pacific and people in developing countries through research and research capacity building.

Led by Dr Lynore Geia this program serves as a focal point for research studies investigating factors that affect the health status of Indigenous populations across the tropics.  Our researchers provide consultancy services and mentorship to clinicians and policy makers in these communities developing intellectual capital and capacity at a local level.

If you are interested in conducting reserach in the area of Indigenous Futures please contact

Program Lead, Dr Lynore Geia: (07) 4781 6723 (Townsville campus) or by email


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