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Mental Health Program

Scott Trueman
Mr Scott Trueman

This program supports research into the impact of mental illness on individuals, their families and the wider community. The program aims to improve the mental health of the population and build capacity across those providing services through the production and dissemination of research results.

Mr Scott Trueman leads the research team across the Mental Health Program. Research currently focuses on several key themes:

    • Mental health in the perinatal period
    • The psychosocial impact of disasters
    • Individual and community resilience
    • Professional development needs of the mental health workforce
    • Fostering research skills in higher research students and clinicians to build capacity across the mental health sector.


If you are interested in conducting research in the area of mental health please contact the

Program Lead, Mr Scott Trueman: (07) 42321776 (Cairns campus) or by email

For more information please contact:

Follow us at jcu_nursing or #jcucnmr