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Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program

Professor Linda Shields
Prof Linda Shields

Professor Linda Shields, Director of the Tropical Health Research Unit (THRU) leads a team of researchers and partners from health services across North Queensland, Australia and the world with a focus on maternal, child and adolescent health, most notably family centred care.

This program aims to improve the outcomes for maternal and child health, particularly in Indigenous communities where current research shows maternal mortality, gestational diabetes, low birth weights and perinatal mortality rates are higher than in non-Indigenous women and children.  This research will help identify models of care that reduce health inequalities, are culturally appropriate and relevant for each community.   Research into adolescent health will focus on the rise of chronic disease and mental illness in young people.

A major multi-disciplinary study currently being implemented, Tropikids Longitudinal Study, will follow people from birth to study the growth, development and social determinants of health of children born in the tropical region.

If you are interested in conducting research in the area of maternal, child and adolescent health please contact

Program Lead, Professor Linda Shields: (07) 4781 5331 (Townsville campus) or by email

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