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Welcome to the Centre for Research and Innovation in Sustainability Education



Who Are We?

The Centre for Research and Innovation in Sustainability Education (CRISE) brings together educational and other social science researchers to investigate the role of education, both formal and informal, in contributing to the creation of ecologically and socially sustainable communities. Our focus is examining traditional and innovative approaches to engaging individuals and communities in meaningful learning and active participation to improve their well-being and that of the ecological and cultural systems with which they are interdependent.

What’s Our Vision?

Education has an important role in contributing to the current and future ecological well-being of the biophysical landscape and the social and economic well-being of the people of Australia, the broader Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere on the planet. This role has become more critical in the context of increasing concerns about: the impact of major global issues such as climate change; the resolution of local and regional environmental conflicts surrounding the management of natural resources; the pressures and stresses on workers and families resulting from the competitive demands of economic globalization; and the expansion of economic and social inequities and unacceptable levels of poverty. In the face of such challenges, human and environmental well-being demands an engaged, informed, thoughtful and active citizenry.

We view sustainability education to mean developing individual and community capacities for becoming informed and active participants in contributing to the creation of ecologically, culturally and economically sustainable and socially just communities and societies. Yet as there are no clear answers to what sustainability must mean and how it can be created, we need to learn our way forward to more sustainable societies – a highly complex, imprecise and ambitious but necessary process.