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About us

With the aim to provide the knowledge that will underpin marine food security for Australia, the tropics and the world, the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture (CSTFA) was formed in 2012 with Professor Colin Simpfendorfer as the inaugural Director. Based at James Cook University, Townsville, CSTFA's multi-disciplinary research capability is organised into dedicated science programs within 3 key Research Themes:


Our strengths

Within these research divisions CSTFA provides internationally recognised expertise in:
  • maximising benefits from wild capture fisheries through fishery assessments, understanding the biology and ecology of target, byproduct and bycatch species, and animal health and environmental monitoring;
  • improved production for farmed aquatic species through feed development, genetic improvement, refinement of hatchery production techniques, animal health, systems design and domestication of new aquaculture species;
  • socio-cultural and economic aspects of natural aquatic resource use and farmed production; and
  • the development of novel products using both micro and macro algae for food, energy and health products.


Our partnerships across the globe

At James Cook University, we have strong links with researchers in the College of Marine and Environmental Sciences, College of Science, Technology and Engineering, and College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences. CSTFA also maintains strong ties with government and industry in Australia and worldwide. Between 2007 and 2015, CSTFA researchers have fostered over 200 partnerships from 56 countries.

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