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Outstanding Student Awarded to Karthigeyan

KarthigeyanKarthigeyan Chidambaram was awarded the Outstanding Student Award at through the Australian Technology Network of Universities e-Grad School for consistently contributing high quality and interesting discussions and for engaging with their peers.

Karthigeyan's PhD was part of the “Bioremediation of methane from mine ventilation air” project carried out under the supervision of A/Professor Kirsten Heimann and Dr. Obuli Karthik. The main objective of Karthigeyan's study was to reroute the methane (much wasted carbon resource from many landfills in Australia) for biopolymer production. In essence, the project was aimed at providing mitigation measures for anthropogenic methane emissions from Australian landfills that result in favourable energy outcomes along with green manufacturing of Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB),  a microbial derived bio-plastics.