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Human dimensions of aquatic resources and production

Amy Diedrich

Theme Leader: Dr Amy Diedrich

Research on the sustainability of fishers, producers, industries and communities involved in aquatic food production; how to deal with change in fisheries and aquaculture to ensure aquatic food security; identification of adaptation strategies.

Our Research Focus

The sustainable use and production of aquatic resources can only occur if emerging biophysical and technological knowledge is effectively translated into management action. Resilient, adaptive, and receptive societies are essential for achieving this goal. Understanding the broader social context, including how people perceive, value, and use aquatic resources is therefore key to ensuring sustainability through the effective uptake of new science and technology. The CSTFA has staff with highly developed skills in socio-cultural and economic aspects of natural aquatic resource use and farmed production. Through interdisciplinary collaboration across our themes, the Centre can provide complete triple bottom line assessment of the full spectrum of aquatic food and product production, identify adaptation benefits for the aquatic food production sector, and build the resilience of linked social and ecological systems. 

Research Team

Amy DiedrichTaha ChaiechiNatalie StoecklRenae Tobin

From left to right: Dr Amy DiedrichDr Taha Chaiechi, Prof. Natalie Stoeckl, Dr Renae Tobin

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