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Novel Aquatic Products and Applications

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Rocky de Nys

Theme Leader: Professor Rocky de Nys

Culture systems provide the ability to develop a wide range of novel products for human, animal and plant use. This includes the ability to utilise waste streams from industrial and agricultural systems to provide remediation and access to resources. Researchers from the Novel Aquatic Products and Applications Program are world leaders in the development of novel products using both micro and macro algae for food, energy and health products.

Prof. de Nys  also co-leads the Centre for Macroalgal Resources and Biotechnology (MACRO) with Dr Nick Paul.

Our Research Focus

Our projects are the first in Australia to demonstrate the use of freshwater and marine macroalgae for the development of renewable fuels and bioproducts. We are also the first to have integrated the production of macroalgae into waste waters for aquaculture, agriculture, energy generation an the mining and mineral processing industries.

The intensive culture of macroalgae can be used to produce renewable fuels (biocrude), biomass energy, algal meal as an animal feedstock, functional food and feeds, as well as biochar and fertilisers.

We have successfully partnered with industries in regional Australia to provide the foundation R&D for integrating the production of macroalgae with wastewater treatment and environmental services. This has enabled us to develop technologies in real-world scenarios by working with key industries, from mining and mineral processing through to agriculture and aquaculture.

Research Team

Tine Carl 154x175Samuel CiresAndrew Cole 154x175Rocky de NysKirsten HeimannRebecca Lawton 154x175Marie MagnussonLeonardo da MataNick PaulDavid Roberts 154x175

From left to right: Dr Tine Carl, Dr Samuel Cires, Dr Andrew Cole, Prof. Rocky de Nys, Assoc. Prof. Kirsten Heimann, Dr Rebecca Lawton, Dr Marie Magnusson, Dr Leonardo Rodrigues da Mata, Dr Nicholas Paul, Dr David Roberts

Current Research Projects

  • Diversification of seaweed industries in the Pacific Islands
  • Sustainable alternatives for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change in the agricultural and renewable energy sectors
  • Using freshwater macroalgae to reduce nutrient and pesticide loads in agricultural run-off water