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Alejandro Trujillogonzalez

PhD Candidate 

Location: Townsville, BLD 32-113
Phone:  +61 7 4781 5859


My current research involves the detection and identification of parasites found in pre-imported ornamental fish species in Australia. The direct result of this project will be accurate and comprehensive information concerning the nationally and internationally significant pathogens carried by ornamental fish entering Australia. It will provide new knowledge of the parasite assemblages affecting imported ornamental fish under quarantine, and provide efficient molecular tools to improve current detection methods. Results will be used by Biosecurity Australia to inform quarantine policy and trial a random surveillance model to manage the biosecurity risks of imported ornamental fish. The outcomes of this research will facilitate the international trade of ornamental fish while promoting Australia’s developing ornamental fish aquaculture industries, and safeguarding existing aquaculture industries and biodiversity from high-risk aquatic pathogens.

PhD Project

Parasites in pre-imported ornamental fish in Australia: Detection, Identification and Biosecurity

SupervisorsDr Kate S. Hutson and Dr Dean Jerry



Scientific Articles

Jerry D.R., Smith-Kuene C., Hodgson L., Pirozzi I., Carton A.G., Hutson K.S., Brazenor A.K., Trujillo-Gonzalez A., Gamble S., Collins G. & VanDerWal J. (In press) Vulnerability of an iconic Australian finfish (barramundi – Lates calcarifer) and aligned industries to climate change across tropical Australia. Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and James Cook University, Project No. 2010/521.

Trujillo-Gonzalez A., Constantinoiu C.C.,  Johnson L. & Hutson K.S. (2014) Histopathology associated with haptor attachment of the ectoparasitic monogenean Neobenedenia sp. (Capsalidae) to Asian sea bass, Lates calcarifer (Bloch). Journal of Fish Diseases 1-6.

Conference Presentations

Trujillo-Gonzalez A., Constantinoiu C.C. & Hutson K.S. (2014). Parasite distribution and habitat selection of the monogenean ectoparasite, Neobenedenia sp.. Australian Society for Parasitology conference. Canberra, Australia July 2014.

Trujillo A, Constantinoiu CC, Johnson LK & Hutson KS (2012). Differences in epithelial pathology of fish microhabitats infected with the ectoparasitic monogenean Neobenedenia sp.. Australasian Scientific Conference on Aquatic Animal Health. Cairns, Australia, July 2013. 

Trujillo A, Perez-Pacheco R & Realpe E (2012). The effect of habitat complexity over the parasitic efficiency of Romanomermis iyengari (Nematoda: Mermithidae) on Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae). Australian Society for Parasitology conference. Launceston, Tasmania, July 2012.


James Cook University Collaboration Across Boundaries Grant

James Cook University Posgraduate Research Scholarship

FRDC 2014/001: Strategic approaches to identifying pathogens of quarantine concern associated with the importation of ornamental fish.