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Conservation & Ecological Management

In the face of a myriad of anthropogenic changes and impacts, how best can we manage for conservation? This theme of the CTBCC focuses on:

  • Patterns of biodiversity in areas impacted by humans
  • Ecological and evolutionary mechanisms driving biodiversity responses to impacts
  • Examining and testing management options to optimise anthropogenic use and biodiversity conservation
  • Conservation in multi-use areas


Tropical areas support a wide range of human activities, including grazing and cropping, timber production, urbanisation, mining, power generation, and recreation, to name just a few.  These activities must all be balanced with a requirement to conserve biodiversity, particularly in tropical areas, which support outstandingly biodiverse ecosystems.  Conservation must preserve ecosystem services and intrinsic values while allowing exploitation.  It is imperative that we learn to better manage tropical ecosystems to optimise outcomes in a changing world.  James Cook University and the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change are situated in the tropics amidst a range of exploited tropical habitats, and are equipped to assess impacts and management strategies to optimise conservation outcomes.

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