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Invasive Species

Biological invasion is one of the greatest threats to maintenance of ecosystems’ goods and services – impacting both above and below ground native communities, changing nutrient cycling, posing threats to human, animal or plant health, and ultimately reducing natural capital economy. Biological invasion, unlike other forms of anthropogenic disturbance such as pollution or overexploitation of timber and fisheries products, is often difficult to reverse or control as the causal organism once established often continue to spread and consolidate

At JCU, we take a socio-ecological-landscape approach to understanding major drivers of biological invasions and how to manage the process. We strive to achieve this through diverse pure and applied research initiatives, including linkages and coordination with other research organizations within and outside Australia, government, public and private stake-holders.

This theme of the CTBC focuses on:
1)    Impact of invasion on native fauna and flora, including below ground food-web processes
2)    Understanding the trajectory pathways of biological invasion
3)    Ecology of restoration of invaded landscapes
4)    Prospect and efficacy of control options, including use of biological control

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Dr Lori Lach