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Animals in Motion workshop

In mid-February 2017, a two-day symposium about wildlife telemetry research and collaboration attracted about 40 people. The event, titled ‘Animals in Motion’, was supported jointly by CTBCC, TropWATER and CSTFA.

Researchers spoke about diverse terrestrial and marine species, including crocodiles, cassowaries, sharks, racoons, northern bettongs, flying foxes, reef fish, geckos, tube-nosed bats, mantas and marine turtles. Their purposes in studying animal movement were also very diverse, from reducing human-wildlife conflict to understanding the risks of epidemic disease transmission.

Presenters introduced new perspectives on different tracking methods, illustrated by hard-won experience in challenging research situations, and elaborated during a comprehensive panel discussion. A hands-on workshop on analysing and visualising movement data was a highlight for R-users.

Speakers also addressed the need for collaboration in tracking studies and shared successful strategies for starting collaborative projects with diverse stakeholders. Members of the audience contributed additional insights during a wide-ranging discussion about collaboration challenges. For additional pictures from the symposium see:

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Photo caption: Isabel Ender shared insights about collaborations with researchers, NGOs and other stakeholders, illustrated by her work for the Manta Trust. Photo credit Guy Stevens.