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Cane toad trapping

CTBCC's Ben Muller and Lin Schwarzkopf examine different methods of capturing cane toads in a new paper published in the International Journal of Pest Management.

Controlling the invasive cane toad is a mammoth task.

Currently, management strategies include hand capture and trapping adult individuals (toads are attracted to an acoustic lure, and to insects attracted to a light, also on the lure).

Ben and Lin investigated whether trapping or hand capture were more effective over a 10 week period in Townsville. They found they trapped 7.1%–22.4% of the estimated population per week, and hand captured 1.7%–6% of the estimated population per week, showing that trapping was more efficient than hand capture.

However, they did find that different toads were caught by hand, than were caught in traps, suggesting a combination of both methods is still the best way to tackle the population.

Read the full paper here.