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Frustration over illegal logging

In an interview at SBS, CTBCC's Bill Laurance discusses the governments five year delay in enforcing a ban on illegally logged wood.

Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of timber products coming into Australia could be from illegally logged forests, but the federal government can't be certain because most importers are not complying with a five-year-old law.

Enforcement has been delayed while the government tries to make importers complete legally required paperwork certifying timber is legally logged - prompting calls for penalties to be finally imposed.

Decades of campaigning in Australia against illegal logging saw parliament pass the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act in 2012 to stop imports, in line with similar laws in the United States and Europe.

"It brings Australia into line with international standards of developed nations in terms of importing illegal timbers, which has do to with deforestation, habitat degradation and threats to wildlife and nature,” said Distinguished Research Professor Bill Laurance from the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity at James Cook University.

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