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Cassio Sevilha, Anderson - PhD Candidate



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Phone: +61 7 4781 4403
Fax: +61 7 4725 1570



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PhD Project Title:
Systematic Conservation Planning for the Paranã River Basin, Brazil, under Climate Change.
Supervisor/s: Prof. Steve Williams, Prof. Robert Pressey


Anderson is a PhD Candidate at the JCU under the supervision of the Professors Stephen Williams and Robert Pressey and a licensed researcher at the Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology in Brazil, from where he has been awarded a Study Grant. Andersons's previous background consists in evaluating human impacts over the flora and developing strategies for in situ conservation of genetic resources of the Brazilian savannahs and forests formations. His PhD consists in a systematic conservation plan based on spatial analyses for biodiversity for the Paranã River Basin (Brazil), overlapping policies for conservation, human uses and ecosystem resilience to climate change. The modelling of species distribution in the present and in the future considering the dynamic of communities, different scenarios of climate change and a comparison between these scenarios with: a) present distribution of species, b) human landscape occupation, and c) future tendency of human occupation are some of the topics that I will be approaching.

Curriculum vitae: