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Research Strengths

The CTBCC is the premier tropical terrestrial biology research group within Australia, with strong links to key initiatives such as Earthwatch, IUCN, NERP and NCCARF. It represents a globally-unique initiative designed to understand and address the critical issues faced by the cradles of global biodiversity, the tropics, as we move into the future.

Our capacity to be the key source for biodiversity-relevant information for governments, NGO's, industry and educational institutions is build on decades of sustained expertise in tropical biodiversity issues. Initially focused on the Wet Tropics region of northern Australia, our research and involvement now expand across the broader savannah habitats of tropical Australia and out in to the tropics of Asia, South and Central America.

Our people represent a dynamic mix of senior and early-career researchers, with strong histories of post-graduate training, high-impact publications, and excellent records of obtaining competitive funding.

The ability of the CTBCC to provide the necessary tools and expertise to understand and maintain terrestrial biodiversity on a global scale, continues to remain critically relevant. We engage in both pure and applied research, and provide policy-makers and natural resource managers with the knowledge to make informed, robust decisions aimed at minimising biodiversity loss in a changing climate. Thus, we share our growing knowledge with several stakeholders, including management agencies, conservation organisations and community groups.

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