Science fiction and fantasy experience survey

This dataset contains survey data and questionnaire files.

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    Data Publication title Science fiction and fantasy experience survey
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    This dataset contains survey data and questionnaire files.

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      This dataset contains the questions asked and the responses received between 17th November 2015 and 17th November 2016 to an online survey of the respondent's experience of science fiction and fantasy. The responses are primarily related to reading and literature but also include film, television and other media. It employs Likert scale and free text responses and as well as the questions on science fiction and fantasy includes demographic questions including age, gender, income, geographic location, first language, employment and level of education.

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      This dataset consists of survey questions in PDF format and the responses in MS Excel (.xls) and Open Document (.ods) formats. The survey questions are attached but the responses are available via negotiated access only. The responses were anonymous but contain some information that could be used to identify respondents (some provided contact details or other identifiers)

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    • survey
    • literature
    • society
    • culture
    • science Fiction
    • fiction
    • fantasy
    • television
    • film
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    People and Societies in the Tropics
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    • 200506 - North American Literature
    • 160808 - Sociology and Social Studies of Science and Technology
    • 160399 - Demography not elsewhere classified
    • 200503 - British and Irish Literature
    SEO Codes
    • 970116 - Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
    • 970120 - Expanding Knowledge in Languages, Communication and Culture
    • 950104 - The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)
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  • Start Date 2015/11/17
  • End Date 2016/11/17
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    • Survey data was collected globally
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      Christopher B. Menadue
    Citation Menadue, Christopher (2016): Science fiction and fantasy experience survey. James Cook University.