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LCRC Roundtable Meetings and Seminars

All roundtable meetings held 4pm Wednesdays in Room D3-150, The Cairns Institute, except as noted.


Tues 13 February | Confirmation Seminar
Pema Wangdi - A grammar of Brokpa
Room B1.107 JCU Cairns with video link to Room 9-001 JCU Townsville

Weds 14 February | Old Workshop
Firew Girma Worku - Reflexive and reciprocal constructions in Mursi

Weds 21 February | Seminar
Péter Maitz - Unserdeutsch: A borderline creole?

Thurs 22 February | Seminar
Kate Burridge - Linguistic cleanliness is next to godliness, but not for conservative Anabaptists

Weds 28 February | Seminar
Alex Walker - Switch-reference in Southern Pomo

Weds 7 March | New Workshop
Alexandra Aikhenvald - Introduction to number systems in grammar

Weds 14 March | Seminar
Bai Junwei (Abe) - Copula verbs in Munya

Weds 21 March | New Workshop
Bob Dixon - Number systems in Jarawara

Weds 28 March | Seminar
David Felipe Guerrero - An overview of spatial location in Karijona (Carib): the morphosyntax of the postpositional and demonstrative systems

No roundtable meeting on Weds 4 April

Weds 11 April | New Workshop
Kasia Wojtylak - Number systems in Murui

Weds 18 April | Seminar
Luca Ciucci - Reconstructing the possessive inflection of Proto-Zamucoan