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Macroalgae are an exceptional resource for the supply of biomass feedstock for numerous bioproducts including biofuels. Both marine and freshwater macroalgae are bioresources that can be produced using non-arable land, and therefore this process does not compete at any level for food production. Biomass-derived fuels also reduce the reliance on petroleum for combustion, as carbon is captured during the production process by photosynthesis. Macroalgae are therefore an attractive and sustainable feedstock for carbon capture, bioremediation of wastewater, and the recycling of carbon into biofuel production and other bioproducts.

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Our R&D includes the assessment of valuable bioproducts and biotechnology, based on the unique biochemistry and properties of algae, and the co-location of algal production with existing industries for bioremediation (treating  waste streams), utilising the broad distributions of both marine and freshwater macroalgae and the ability of some species to grow in industrial waste water. Our ultimate goal is to develop and commercialise marine and freshwater macroalgae for fuel, feed and fertiliser applications.