Erin Graham combines biology with big data analytics to quantify the effects of climate change on biodiversity.  With an undergraduate in Information Technology, a Marine Biology PhD, and postdoctoral experience modelling terrestrial species distributions, Erin has a wide range of cross-disciplinary skills including statistical modelling and GIS. She is currently working with the Tipperary Group of Stations to develop and trial data-driven weed and feral animal management plans.

  • Spatial ecology
  • Statistical modelling in ecology
  • Coral reef ecology
  • 2013 to present - Postdoctoral Researcher, James Cook University (Australia)
  • 2008 to 2013 - Research Assistant, James Cook University (Australia)
  • 1998 to 2003 - Software Engineer, MCIWorldCom Inc., Channelpoint Inc., NeoCore Inc. (USA)
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Department of the Environment and Energy - National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) - Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub

Multi-objective planning in Northern Australia: co-benefits and trade-offs between environmental, economic, and cultural outcomes

Indicative Funding
$557,300 over 3 years (administered by Charles Darwin University)
This research will create a toolkit to guide planning and management that supports multiple uses of land and water, while maintaining environmental and cultural values. The toolkit will provide a roadmap to assess the potential impacts of current and future development on biodiversity and ecosystems and the influence of different approaches to management. Specifically, the project will examine the links between terrestrial, freshwater, and coastal marine species and communities. In addition, the toolkit will facilitate assessment of the benefits and costs of implementing different management interventions to mitigate threats to biodiversity associated with different land and water uses.
Bob Pressey, Mark Kennard, David Pannell, Jorge Alvarez-Romero, Jeremy VanDerWal, Vanessa Adams, Erin Graham, Michael Douglas and Rosemary Hill (ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, Griffith University, The University of Western Australia, Research Infrastructure, College of Science & Engineering and Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation)
Northern Australia; integrated catchment planning; Kimberley region; trade-offs and co-benefits; Fitzroy River, Western Australia; Conservation Planning

CSIRO - Contract Research

Regionalisation of the late dry season across northern Australia

Indicative Funding
This project will develop a spatio-temporal model combining rainfall and temperature data to estimate a regionalised late dry season date for broad geographic regions across northern Australia. The mode will inform relevant savannah fire management for National Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Emissions Reduction Fund determinations.
Jeremy VanDerWal, Erin Graham and Anna Pintor in collaboration with Justin Perry and Helen Murphy (Research Infrastructure, College of Science & Engineering and Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation)
dry season; savanna fire management; Northern Australia

Department of the Environment and Energy - National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) - Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub

Mapping to underpin management of littoral rainforests

Indicative Funding
$30,000 (administered by CDU)
This project produces fine-resolution lapping of the location of the critically endangered Littoral Rainforest and Coastal Vine Thickets of Eastern Australia community between Townsville and Cooktown (Wet Tropics bioregion) and the current and projected future threats to its persistence and condition from the impacts of sea-level rise, storm surge and extreme weather events. The project then uses an adaptation pathway framework to assess and prioritise management options that explicitly consider the dynamic nature of the community and future change regimes. The research addresses key gaps in our understanding of where, when and what change action is required to ensure the continued provision of ecosystem services and functions from Littoral rainforest and provides a robust scientific-underpinning to support EPBC recovery planning regionally and nationally.
Helen Murphy, Dan Metcalfe, Andrew Ford, Tina Lawson, Jeremy VanDerWal and Erin Graham (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation and College of Science & Engineering)
littoral rainforest; climate extremes; Erosion; Cyclone; Storm Surge

NCCARF - Natural Resource Management Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation - Research Grant Program

Climate Knowledge Synthesis and Planning for Climate Change Adaptation Across Australia's Monsoonal North

Indicative Funding
$140,000 over 3 years (administered by Charles Darwin University)
Scaling continental climate change and biodiversity data for the Northern Australia NRMs and engaging stakeholders through interactive web-based reporting tools is vital for adapting to future climate change. This project will 1) 'downscale' recent national assessments of climate change refugia for freshwater and terrestrial biodiversity to spatial scales appropriate to regional NRMs, 2) update species distribution models to include additional modifiers (e.g. landscape connectivity), 3) provide data in several formats including a web-based reporting tool (e.g. CLiMAS), and 4)add to several planning exercises.
Jeremy Vanderwal, Damien Burrows, Cassandra James, Erin Graham, Bob Pressey and Jorge Alvarez Romero in collaboration with Daniel Baird and Robert Pyke (College of Science & Engineering, TropWATER, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and Research Infrastructure)
Climate Change; Adaptation; Natural Resource Management

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