• DS2001: Biological Sciences for Dentistry 1 (Growth, Development and Microbiology) (Level 2; CNS)
  • DS2004: Operative Dentistry 2 (Level 2; CNS)
  • DS2005: Pathophysiology and Therapeutics for Dentistry (Level 2; CNS)
  • DS2102: Simulated Clinical Dentistry Part 2 of 2 (Level 2; CNS)
  • DS3101: Introduction to Clinical Dentistry (Level 3; CNS)
  • DS3102: Clinical Dentistry 1 (Level 3; CNS)
  • DS4101: Clinical Dentistry 2 (Level 4; CNS)
  • DS4102: Clinical Dentistry 3 (Level 4; CNS)
  • DS5101: Clinical Practice 1 (Comprehensive Oral Care) (Level 5; CNS)
  • DS5102: Clinical Practice 2 (Comprehensive Oral Care) (Level 5; CNS)
  • DS6601: Fundamentals of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Level 6; CNS)
  • DS6602: Clinical Orthodontics (Level 6; CNS)
  • DS6603: Reflective Orthodontic Practice (Level 6; CNS)
  • DS6604: Advanced Clinical Orthodontics (Level 6; CNS)
Research Disciplines
Socio-Economic Objectives
  • 2018 - Australian Dental Association
  • 2015 - World Federation of Orthodontists
  • 2012 - Turkish Orthodontic Society
  • 2009 - European Orthodontic Society
  • 2006 - Turkish Dental Association

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Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation - Research Grant

Likeliness of Paediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Far North Queensland

Indicative Funding
Paediatric obstructive sleep apnoea (POSA) is the most common and the most severe form of sleep disordered breathing in children. If left untreated, POSA can result in many negative consequences for children such as irritability, behavioural problems, learning difficulties, memory issues, lack of concentration, poor academic performance, compromised immunity and cardiovascular disease. Early diagnosis and treatmetn is essential to improve the quality of life of affected children. It is suspected that many children in FNQ suffer from POSA and have remained undiagnosed. We are assessing how likely children in FNQ are having POSA to promote early diagnosis and mangement.
Marguerite Akiko Fischer, Carmen Karadeniz and Ersan Karadeniz in collaboration with Carlos Flores-Mir (College of Medicine & Dentistry and University of Alberta)
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea; Paediatric; Sleep Breathing Disorders; Orthopaedic orthodontics; Far North Queensland; Rural Health

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