Dr Geoff Clark is a lecturer within the College of Healthcare Sciences.  His PhD studies examined the educational preparation of nurses and midwives in Papua New Guinea to undertake HIV prevention, care and treatment.

Dr Clark's profesional and research interests are in Indigenous health, primary health care, maternal and reproductive health care, communicable disease prevention, transmission, treatment and the links to health security, and overall health system strengthening, specifically within the developing community context. 


  • HS2101: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing (Level 2; TSV)
  • Primary Health Care
  • Maternal and reproductive health care
  • Communicable diseases
  • Health Security
  • Health system strengthening
  • Indigenous health
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Australian Research Council - Discovery - Projects

The First Polynesians: Their origins, lifeways and environmental challenges

Indicative Funding
$43,860 over 4 years (administered by Australian National University)
This project uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine the biological, cultural and environmental underpinnings of the Polynesian people through a study of their ancient homeland in Tonga. Early Polynesian society developed 2650-2350 years ago, but little is known about the people, their culture and how sea-level fall impacted subsistence and settlement. The proposed study's goal is to fill this gap in human knowledge about our Pacific neighbours using a unique skeletal assemblage, excavated cultural remains and advanced mapping of palaeo-sea-level markers that will enhance the international visibility of Australian research in human-environment systems.
Geoffrey Clark, Christian Reepmeyer and Frederique Valentin (Australian National University, College of Arts, Society & Education and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)
Archaeology; Pacific; Polynesia; palaeo-environment; biocarchaeology; lithic exchange

Queensland Health - Nursing and Midwifery Research Fellowship

Developing a consumer influenced model of accessibility to maternity services

Indicative Funding
$119,190 over 3 years
This project aims to develop a consumer influenced model of accessibility to maternity services utilising geographic information systems and consumer survey data. The model will include the physical accessibility of services, service availability, and the acceptability of the service to the population. This project will modify an existing spatial model that determines accessibility based on physical accessibility and service availability using consumer survey data that will reflect the acceptability of service. The model will be applied to Far North Queensland, an area with a high Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population and many rural and remote localities.
Karen Yates, Caryn West, Geoffrey Clark and Catherine Smith in collaboration with Christopher Rouen (College of Healthcare Sciences and Cairns & Hinterland Health Service District)
Maternity Services; Geographic Information System; Healthcare accessibility; Rural And Remote Health; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Australian Research Council - Discovery - Projects

Warfare and the Archaic State in Oceania

Indicative Funding
$90,000 over 4 years (administered by Australian National University)
The project aim is to investigate warfare in the ancient Tongan state through a study of earthwork fortifications. A conflict record for an Archaic state in Oceania that survived for 650 years contributes a new perspective to global research on warfare in complex societies. The effect of conflict is a prominent issue for Australia and long-term records of warfare in our region will improve our understanding of it. Intra-state conflict is the most pressing threat to political stability in Southwest Asia and the Pacific and the project will benefit Australia by showing how changes to political systems are associated with phases of conflict and peace.
Geoffrey Clark and Christian Reepmeyer in collaboration with David Burley (Australian National University, College of Arts, Society & Education and Simon Fraser University)
Oceania; fortifications; complex societies; warfare; prehistory

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