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United States Department of Defence - Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Health, Investigator Initiated Research Award

Point-of-injury intranasal ALM drug therapy to reduce secondary injury and improve outcomes after TBI in civilian and military resource-limited environments

Indicative Funding
$932,919 over 3 years
Currently there is no effective drug therapy to treat traumatic brain injury (TBI) in combat and other military and civilian settings immediately after the injury has occurred that can protect the brain and the whole body by reducing secondary injury progression and TBI-associated complications. ALM therapy is a neuroprotective fluid therapy that significantly improves survival, rescues cardiac function, reduces local bleeding, and blunts secondary injury processes including inflammation after trauma. This project will evaluate the efficacy and protective benefits of ALM therapy administered intravenously (injectable) and intranasally (via spray) in a rat model of TBI.
Geoffrey Dobson, Hayley Letson and Jodie Morris (College of Medicine & Dentistry)
Traumatic Brain Injury; intranasal; Blood brain barrier; Military; Immune; ALM

United States Department of Defence - DoD Peer Reviewed Orthopaedic Research Program (PRORP) - Applied Research Award

ALM Drug Therapy to reduce inflammation and scar formation after ACL reconstruction surgery: Targeting earlier return to active duty.

Indicative Funding
$1,061,864 over 4 years
Two complications of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery are cartilage degeneration and scarring within the joint, which can prolong healing, promote pain and restrict knee movement. Our project will evaluate a new therapy known as ALM solution that can be administrered during ACL reconstruction surgery to dampen inflammation, protect cartilage and promote tissue healing within the joint. Our study has the potential to expedite a patient's return to an active duty with fewer complications.
Geoffrey Dobson, Peter McEwen, Jodie Morris, Hayley Letson and Erik Biros (College of Medicine & Dentistry)
ACL Injury; ACL Reconstruction surgery; Scarring; Osteoarthritis; Inflammation; Therapeutics

Emergency Medicine Foundation - Leading Edge

Classifying the Type and Severtiy of Traumatic Injury in North Queensland: A Multicentre Retrospective Study

Indicative Funding
$97,580 over 2 years (administered by Queensland Health)
Queenslanders living in regional, rural and remote areas having a higher incidence of traumatic injury and are disadvantaged by prolonged prehospital times. The aim of this project is to define and describe trauma patients transported by aeromedical emergency services to and between Townsville, Cairns, Mt Isa and Mackay hospitals over a 3 - year period (2016-2018). A key objective is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of clinical interventions and therapies from point-of-injury to hospital admission, and patient outcomes to hospital discharge. This data will help inform all stakeholders on the current state of emergency trauma care in the tropics.
Clinton Gibbs, Hayley Letson, Geoffrey Dobson, Luke Lawton, Brett Hoggard and Ben Butson in collaboration with Erik Biros, Daniel Lindsay, Richard Murray and Ulrich Orda (Queensland Health, College of Medicine & Dentistry, College of Public Health, Medical & Vet Sciences, Townsville Hospital and Health Service and North West Hospital and Health Service)
Injury; Trauma; Prehospital emergency care; Patient transfer; Rural Health; Aeromedical

Townsville Hospital and Health Service - Study Education Research Trust Account (SERTA)

Trauma Care in the Tropics: A Multi-centre Retrospective Analysis.

Indicative Funding
$9,110 over 2 years (administered by Townsville Hospital and Health Service)
High quality pre-hospital trauma care and timely access to emergency aeromedical retrieval services is paramount for an efficient, sustainable healthcare system in North Queensland. We propose to identify and classify trauma patients in the North Queensland since 2016 to assess the magnitude of the total injury burden and evaluate the chain-of-care from the prehospital environment, through patient transfer, to hospital discharge. The dataset generated will provide valuable insights into patterns of primary retrieval, trauma distribution, and service provisions and gaps.
Clinton Gibbs, Geoffrey Dobson and Hayley Letson (Retrieval Services Queensland and College of Medicine & Dentistry)
Injury; Trauma; Prehospital Emergency Care; Patient Transfer; Rural Health; Aeromedical

United States Department of Defence - Broad Agency Award

Optimisation of Ultra-Small Volume Adenosine, Lidocaine and Mg2+ (ALM) Fluid Resuscitation and 72hr Stabilisation Drip for Uncontrolled Haemorrhage and TBI

Indicative Funding
$1,746,795 over 4 years
The resuscitation and stabilisation properties of ALM 'one-two treatment' will be investigated in rats after uncontrolled blood loss ? traumatic brain injury, and a translational arm in pigs followed for 72hrs to mimic prolonged far-forward retrieval delays. The aim is to show improved survival is associated with improved cardiac function, reduced inflammation, less coagulopathy and less secondary 'it' complications. The ALM therapy has the potential to reduce morbidity and mortality on the battlefield by buying time for treatment, stabilisation and preparedness of causalities for safer evacuation. The study also has broad-spectrum public purpose for pre-hospital trauma and aeromedical transport.
Geoffrey Dobson and Hayley Letson in collaboration with Asger Granfeldt (College of Medicine & Dentistry and The Aarhus School of Business)
Haemorrhage; Traumatic Brain / Head Injury; Pre-hospital; Trauma; Haemorrhagic shock; Inflammation

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  • Primary Prevention Implantable Cardiac Defribrillators: A North Queensland Perspective (PhD , Primary Advisor/AM/Adv)

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