I am a Research Fellow in the Heart, Trauma and Sepsis Research Laboratory in the College of Medicine and Dentistry, at James Cook University (JCU). After graduating with a University Medal from JCU with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physiology and Pharmacology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, I joined the Heart and Trauma Research Laboratory in 2008 where I undertook an MSc and PhD developing a small-volume resuscitation solution comprising adenosine, lidocaine and magnesium (ALM) for the treatment of traumatic hemorrhagic shock. This combination of drugs had previously been shown by the laboratory to protect the heart following 30 min of regional ischemia, and as a polarizing cardioplegia at higher concentrations. I have developed three in vivo rat models of hemorrhagic shock, and also worked in cardiac arrest, sepsis, infection, and surgical trauma, with publications in the Lancet, Journal of Trauma, Shock, Critical Care, Thrombosis Research, Journal of Surgical Research, Critical Care Medicine, Innate Immunity, Frontiers in Physiology, International Immunopharmacology, Clinical Vaccines and Immunology, Circulation, and Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corp.  I travelled to Aarhus University, Denmark in 2011 and was part of a research team that translated my rat hemorrhagic shock work into the pig. I have since returned to Denmark in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 to complete further pig studies with collaborators at Aarhus University Hospital. More recently I completed the first trials of ALM in uncontrolled hemorrhage as well as traumatic brain injury, and continue to work with the US Military to translate ALM resuscitation fluid into the field.

In addition to the ongoing collaboration with the Department of Anaesthesiology at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark, I also have collaborations with the Orthopaedic Research Institute of Queensland (ORIQL) working to improve outcomes in orthopaedic surgery; US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Tampa, Florida working on rat models of uncontrolled haemorrhage and traumatic brain injury; Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC), Maryland, US working on blast injury; Combat Casualty Care Department, NMRC, San Antonio, US working on traumatic brain injury; US Army Institute of Surgical Research, Ft. Sam, Houston, US working on blood research and trauma-induced coagulopathy; Department of Surgery, Cooper University Hospital, Camden, New Jersey, US for ALM safety and civilian trauma trials; Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane working on blood research and coagulopathy; and The Royal Hobart Hospital, Australia for improving outcomes in cardiothoracic surgery.


  • PP3201: Contemporary Research in Physiology (Level 3; TSV)
  • PP5201: Contemporary Research in Physiology (Level 5; TSV)
  • Trauma; Shock; Traumatic Injury; Haemorrhage; Haemorrhagic Shock; Pre-hospital Medicine; Emergency Medicine; Traumatic Brain Injury; Obstetric Haemorrhage; Coagulopathy; Inflammation; Surgery; Burns; Cardiovascular Medicine
  • 2017 to present - Research Fellow, James Cook University (College of Medicine and Dentistry, Townsville)
  • 2012 to 2016 - Senior Research Associate, James Cook University (College of Medicine and Dentistry, Townsville)
  • 2008 to 2012 - Research Associate, James Cook University (College of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Townsville)
Research Disciplines
Socio-Economic Objectives
  • 2016 - Best Poster Presentation for “Small-Volume ALM Resuscitation Reduces Blood Loss and Mortality in a Rat Model of Severe Uncontrolled Haemorrhagic Shock” Townsville Research Week
  • 2015 - Honorable Mention for “Differential Contributions of Platelets and Fibrinogen to Early Hypocoagulopathy during Hemorrhage and Shock, and its Correction with 7.5% NaCl ALM” Military Health System Research Symposium
  • 2014 - Medicine Winner for “Treatment With Adenosine, Lidocaine/Mg2+ Induces Reversible Hypotension, Improves Cardiac and Pulmonary Function, and Exerts Anti-Inflammatory Effects in an Endotoxaemic Porcine Model” (Festival of Life Sciences)
  • 2013 - Young Investigator Award for “Cardioprotective and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Treatment With Adenosine, Lidocaine/Mg2+ in a Porcine Model of Endotoxemia” presented at the Resuscitation Science Symposium (ReSS) (American Heart Association)
  • 2012 - Best Abstract Award (Trauma) at the American Heart Association Resuscitation Science Symposium (ReSS) for “Small-Volume 7.5% NaCl Adenocaine/Mg2+ Preserves Cardiac Function During Hypotensive Resuscitation in the Pig Following Severe Hemorrhagic Shock
  • 2012 - “So You Think You Can Research” Winner for “Development of a Revolutionary Small-Volume Resuscitation Fluid for Trauma Victims at North Queensland Festival of Life Sciences
  • 2012 - Young Investigator Award for “Rat To Pig Translation: Small-Volume 7.5% NaCl Adenocaine/Mg2+ Has Multiple Physiological Benefits During Hypotensive And Blood Resuscitation In The Porcine Model Of Severe Hemorrhagic Shock” (ReSS; AHA)
  • 2011 - Young Investigator Award for “Reversal of Acute Coagulopathy Using Small Volume 7.5% NaCl with Adenocaine and Mg2+ Resuscitation in the Rat Model of Severe Hemorrhagic Shock” (ReSS; AHA)
  • 2010 - Best Abstract Award (Trauma) at the AHA ReSS for “7.5% NaCl with Adenosine, Lidocaine and Mg2+ (ALM) improves hypotensive resuscitation in the pressure-controlled rat model of severe hemorrhagic shock”
  • 2007 - James Cook University Medal for Academic Excellence
  • 2005 - James Cook University School of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Academic Prize Winner
  • 2015 - Fresh Science Alumnus, Science in Public, Australia

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United States Department of Defence - Broad Agency Award

Optimisation of Ultra-Small Volume Adenosine, Lidocaine and Mg2+ (ALM) Fluid Resuscitation and 72hr Stabilisation Drip for Uncontrolled Haemorrhage and TBI

Indicative Funding
$1,746,795 over 5 years
The resuscitation and stabilisation properties of ALM 'one-two treatment' will be investigated in rats after uncontrolled blood loss ? traumatic brain injury, and a translational arm in pigs followed for 72hrs to mimic prolonged far-forward retrieval delays. The aim is to show improved survival is associated with improved cardiac function, reduced inflammation, less coagulopathy and less secondary 'it' complications. The ALM therapy has the potential to reduce morbidity and mortality on the battlefield by buying time for treatment, stabilisation and preparedness of causalities for safer evacuation. The study also has broad-spectrum public purpose for pre-hospital trauma and aeromedical transport.
Geoffrey Dobson and Hayley Letson in collaboration with Asger Granfeldt (College of Medicine & Dentistry and The Aarhus School of Business)
Haemorrhage; Traumatic Brain / Head Injury; Pre-hospital; Trauma; Haemorrhagic shock; Inflammation

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