Jon Brodie is a Professorial Fellow with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University, Townsville and leads the Catchment to Reef Research Group.

His also a Senior Scientist and Partner at C2O Consulting.

In his early career, Jon spent some years as a lecturer in chemistry at Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane) and at the University of the South Pacific (Suva, Fiji), and as an analytical chemist with the CRA Metallurgical Research Section (Newcastle). For the last 30 years his interests have been in environmental research and consultancy and the management of marine and freshwater pollution. He spent ten years as an environmental researcher/consultant with the University of the South Pacific (Fiji and other Pacific island states). For 11 years he managed the Water Quality Research and Management Program of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. He has worked in environmental research and management for the last 15 years while at TropWATER and the Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University.

His primary area of research interest is now associated with water quality issues for the Great Barrier Reef, but he has also worked extensively overseas, recently in the Middle East (Yemen), the Pacific islands (Fiji, American Samoa, Samoa, Kiribati and PNG) and South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand). Jon is also closely involved in policy advice to governments regarding management of water quality issues for the Great Barrier Reef. He was the lead author of the Scientific Consensus Statement in both 2008, 2013 and 2016/2017 documenting the status of knowledge and management for water quality issues affecting the Great Barrier Reef for the Queensland and Australian Governments.

  • 1990 to 2001 - Director, Water Quality and Coastal Development, GBRMPA (Townsville)
  • 1988 to 1990 - Research Fellow, ACTFR, JCU (Townsville)
  • 1982 to 1988 - Research Fellow & Director, Institute of Natural Resources, USP (Suva, Fiji)
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World Wide Fund for Nature, Australia - Contract Research

Rivers to Reef to Turtles Project

Indicative Funding
$81,974 over 3 years
In wet seasons and particularly when floods occur, large quantities of contaminants are washed from farms, industrial and urban areas out onto the Great Barrier Reef. This pollutes and destroys huge areas of seagrass and coral - the home and feeding grounds for marine turtles. Coastal areas have experienced some of the worst flood impacts and highest instances of turtle deaths along the Queensland coast which are suspected to be linked to poor water quality. This project will investigate the links between poor water quality and turtle health and mortality.
Jon Brodie in collaboration with Jochen Mueller, Christine Hof, Michael Warne, Colette Thomas and Dominique O'Brien (TropWATER, The University of Queensland, World Wildlife Fund for Nature Australia, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation and the Arts)
Green Turtle; Pollution Control; Marine; Megafauna; Health; Cheloniidae Chelonia Mydas

Bay of Plenty Regional Council - Consultancy

Rena Shipwreck consent application

Indicative Funding
The project involves preparing evidence for the Court (on behalf of the BOPRC) by way of comments and rebuttal on the applicant's expert evidence regarding the ecology of the situation with respect to the current state of the wreck and the application to finalise the work on the wreck.
Jon Brodie (ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies)
Rena shipwreck cleanup

WetlandCare Australia - Contract Research

Barratta Creek Biodiversity Fund

Indicative Funding
$135,000 over 3 years
Barratta Creek is one of the better condition creeks remaining on the Burdekin floodplain but its health is declining, due to the pressures of surrounding development and invasive weeks. This project will study the benefits to the health of the creek of controlling aquatic weeds that infest the system and improving water quality through the establishment of artificial wetlands to treat runoff from cane farms.
Jon Brodie and Damien Burrows in collaboration with Nathan Waltham and J De Bose (TropWATER)
Barratta Creek

ABRS - National Environmental Science Program (NESP) - Tropical Water Quality Hub (TWQ Hub)

Development of an Offset Financial Contribution Calculator for Reef Trust

Indicative Funding
$4,670 over 2 years (administered by University of Queensland)
This project will progress an approach for incorporating environmental offsets into the Reef Trust through development of a prototype calculator to assist potential approval holders and relevant agencies in determining appropriate financial payments as offsets under the Reef Trust. It will extend the methodology currently used to calculate terrestrial offsets to the marine setting. It will delineate clearly the differences in applying such a calculator to the marine-catchment continuum and terrestrial settings. A draft prototype will be tested for its consistency with operational needs and practicality among key stakeholders.
Jon Brodie and Bob Pressey (TropWATER and ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies)
Reef Trust; Offsets; Marine Industries; Great Barrier Reef

Herbert Cane Productivity Services Ltd - Contract Research

Providing Analytical and Technical Support To The HWQMP And Related Projects

Indicative Funding
$107,036 over 2 years
This project is the continuation of the Herbert Water Quality Monitoring Program on a reduced scale (only in the lower catchment). The aims of the project are revised to: *Assess the effects sugarcane land use practices on water quality within the Herbert River and on End of Catchment Loads *Provide estimates of annual and daily loads for the Paddock to Reef modellers to help validate Source Catchments Model. *Inform and guide future extension and research activities in the Herbert Catchment to meet Water Quality (WQ) objectives under Reef Plan 2014. * Identify remedial actions that will reduce the effects of degraded WQ and the subsequent impact on Great Barrier Reef Lagoon.
Jon Brodie and Dominique O'Brien in collaboration with Aaron Davis (TropWATER)
Herbert Catchment; Water Quality; Pesticides; Environment Risk Assessment; Metals; Nutrients

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  • The Identification of Potential Links Between Fibropapilloma Prevalence in Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia Mydas) and Heavy metal Contamination Along the Great Barrier Reef, Australia (PhD , Secondary Advisor)

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