I am an interdisciplinary scientist with a focus on coastal and marine ecosystems. Based in North Queensland, I have been working across the tropical Indo-Pacific for 8+ years. I am currently a lecturer and research scientist with the College of Science and Engineering at James Cook University. My research seeks to understand how seagrass and seaweed meadows, mangroves forests, coral reefs, rivers, estuaries and wetlands underpin fish populations, fisheries and human communities. I am interested in how landscapes, including human landscapes, function as ecosystems in different parts of the world. I am focused on providing relevant, context specific and data-rich science for the management of these ecosystems, by harnessing recent innovations such as Artificial Intelligence.


  • LS0401: English for Academic Purposes Level 4 (Level 0; TSV)

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WV Scott Charitable Trust - Research Grant

Addressing urgent welfare concerns for Blackspotted Croaker (Protonibea diacanthus) populations in Queensland

Indicative Funding
$50,000 over 3 years
The Blackspotted Croaker (also known as black jewfish) is targeted by commercial, recreational, indigenous and charter fishing groups. Since 2017 there has been a rapid increase in targeted commercial fishing effort for Blackspotteed Croaker in Queensland. Given the high value of Blackspotteed Croaker, their vulnerability as aggregating species and the absence of a stock assessment to inform how many populations need to be managed, updated biological/ecological information (Including stock structure) are needed for assessment and protection of Blackspotted Croaker stock(s) in Queensland. The study aims at identifying stock structure and connectivity (including aggregation time) in order to improve management of th species across Queensland.
Marcus Sheaves, Adam Barnett, Carlo Mattone and Michael Bradley (College of Science & Engineering)
Population Genetic Structure; Fisheries Management; Epinephelus nigritus (Serranidae); Blackspotted Croaker

Hinchinbrook Shire Council - Contract Research

Lower Herbert Drainage Concerns-Mangrove Expansion

Indicative Funding
$29,033 over 1 year
The Project aims at assessing the effect of removing overhanging mangrove trees that have grown over artificially made channels over the last few decades. The mangrove pose a threat to the water flow, causing the drain to overfill during periods of heavy rainfall and flood the surrounding areas.
Marcus Sheaves, Nathan Waltham, Carlo Mattone and Michael Bradley (College of Science & Engineering and TropWATER)
Mangrove Forest; Nursery Grounds; Clearance

World Wide Fund for Nature - Contract Research

From Coastal Communities to Cloud Communities ? New Application and Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Fish Stocks Using Photos ? Application Development

Indicative Funding
$53,100 over 1 year
The Project aims at develop an artificial intelligence capable to autonomously identify fish species and number from images collected at fish markets in remote location, so that effective catch rate can be evaluated and management policies can be developed.
Marcus Sheaves, Carlo Mattone, Michael Bradley, Joanne Lee, Jason Holdsworth, Art (Hemmaphan) Suwanwiwat and Ickjai Lee (College of Science & Engineering)
Artificial Intelligence; Phone App; Caught Fish; Catch Rate

WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development - Contract Research

Identification of benthic structure using machine learning

Indicative Funding
$36,200 (administered by Wa Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development)
The Project aims at automating the classification of benthic structure and biota from images using machine learning
Marcus Sheaves, Bronson Philippa, Carlo Mattone and Michael Bradley (College of Science & Engineering)
Benthic Assessment; Machine Learning

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