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Welcome to the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity & Climate Change (CTBCC)


The CTBCC represents a globally-unique initiative that integrates multidisciplinary research projects to advance the fields of of Global Change Biology, Biodiversity & Conservation, Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology. Our research provides policy-makers and natural resource managers with the knowledge to make informed, robust decisions aimed at minimising biodiversity loss.

Our research builds on a wealth of knowledge on the rainforest biodiversity of the region accumulated over 16 years of intensive data collection. While our research has focused primarily on the vertebrate fauna of the Wet Tropics (i.e. birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs), the scope of our research has expanded significantly in recent years. We are actively engaged in projects on plants and invertebrate fauna and have broadened our geographic coverage to include rainforest and savannah habitats in Central Queensland and Cape York.

Improving our understanding of the impacts of climate change will allow for better and more sustainable management of our natural resources. A better understanding of exactly which species, habitats and geographic areas are most vulnerable to climate change will provide management agencies with the knowledge to allocate resources to where they are most needed. The outcomes of this research will help to maximise the resilience of North Queensland's iconic species and habitats to global climate change, helping to preserve our biodiversity and natural heritage for future generations.

Our Centre adheres to the JCU Code of Conduct and the JCU Open Access Policy


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