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Anastasia Dalziell - Visiting Fellow



Contact Details:

Phone: +61 7 4781 3174
Fax: +61 7 4725 1570



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Research Interests

Anastasia is currently working on several projects within the CTBCC including an investigation of the thermal ecology of waterfall frogs,
Litoria nannotis, with Dr Robert Puschendorf, Dr Conrad Hoskin, and Dr Justin Welbergen.

Anastasia’s academic background is in behavioural ecology. Her research has used field-based observational and experimental techniques to investigate how animals communicate with each other, and why communication signals have evolved into specific designs. With a particular focus on birds, she has worked on vocal mimicry, the dawn chorus, song ‘duels’, the use of acoustic cues by nestlings, and dynamic movement signals (dance).

Her first degree was a BSc/BMus from the Australian National University (ANU), which included a year as an exchange student at the University of Oxford. For her honours research she combined her interests in music and biology in a study of the function and structure of the dawn chorus in the superb fairy-wren, Malurus cyaneus, with Professor Andrew Cockburn . She pursued her interest in birdsong by working in Costa Rica on the banded wren, Thryophilus pleurostictus, with Professor Sandra Vehrencamp and Dr Michelle Hall from Cornell University, before assisting with a project on purple-crowned fairy-wrens, Malurus coronatus, in the Kimberley, run by Dr Anna Peters and Dr Hall at the Max Planck institute. Returning to the ANU she worked with Professor Cockburn and Professor Rob Magrath on superb fairy-wrens and white-browed scrubwrens, Sericornis frontalis, respectively, before commencing her PhD.

Lyrebird 2Leaving the wrens behind, Anastasia’s PhD investigated the ecology of vocal mimicry in one of the world’s most famous mimics: the superb lyrebird, Menura novaehollandiae. Her study was conducted under the primary supervision of Professor Magrath, and advised by Professor Cockburn, Dr Hall, Dr Naomi Langmore and the late Dr Richard Zann.



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Selected publicationsLyrebird 1

Dalziell, A. H., Peters, R. A., Cockburn, A., Dorland, A., Maisey, A. C. & Magrath, R. D. 2013. Dance choreography is coordinated with song repertoire in a complex avian display. Current Biology. In press. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2013.05.018 (VIDEO ABSTRACT)

Dalziell, A.H. and Magrath, R. D. 2012. Fooling the experts: accurate mimicry in the song of the superb lyrebird. Animal Behaviour, 83, pp 1401-1410.

Dalziell, A H., and Cockburn, A. 2008. The dawn song of the superb fairy-wren: a bird that engages in extra-pair copulations at dawn. Animal Behaviour, 75 pp. 489-500.