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Social work field education with external supervision


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Social work field education with external supervision
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  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Townsville, Queensland, Australia
  • Cairns, Queensland, Australia
  • Canberra, ACT, Australia
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Adelaide, South Australia
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    Field education is essential in preparing social work students for professional social work practice. Increasingly placements are set up to include external supervision by a qualitifed social worker , with a non-social work qualified supervisor providing guidance and support internally. Little is know of the experiences of key stakeholders in placements with external supervision.

    The aim of this study was to explore the experiences of key stakeholders in social work field education which is conducted with external supervision.

    Semi-structured interviews were undertaken with students, task supervisors, field educators and university liaison people. In total 32 participants where interviewed, face to face and over the phone. This research project was part of the researcher's PhD research.

    Findings highlight that external and internal pressures are impacting on social work practice learning. As a consequence off-site supervision is becoming more prevalent. Recommendations propose that emerging field education models be planned appropriately, focussing on student learning and growth. It is recommended that these placements be well-supported, with explicit collaboration between the university, the field and the students, rather than set up as a last resort.

    The following data is stored in the secure data section of the Tropical Data Hub (TDH) archive. The interview guide is available for download from the Data link below. 

    1. Interview transcripts
    2. Interview recordings
    3. Nvivo analysis
    4. Memos
    5. Interview guide
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    Data consists of 3 zip files containing the data (94 MS Word files, 3 Nvivo projects (.nvp) and the interview guide (.docx)), interview recordings (48 WAV files) and transcripts (34 MS Word files).

    MS Word documents have also been saved in PDF format and stored in similarly named zip files for preservation purposes.

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  1. Managed by: Dr Ines Zuchowski , , Social Work
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Dr Ines Zuchowski,
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People and Societies in the Tropics
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  1. Interview guide.pdf (Data File, Public)
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Interview transcripts and recordings, Nvivo analysis, memos and interview guide are stored in the secure data section of the Tropical Data Hub (TDH) archive - eResearch Centre, James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia. The interview guide is available for download from the link provided.
Zuchowski, I. (2018). Social work field education with external supervision. James Cook University. (dataset). 8f99a76307e2fd9a47cbabb10b32a75d