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Soil respiration measurements for savanna and forest vegetation types in the Wet Tropics and Atherton Tablelands region


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Soil respiration measurements for savanna and forest vegetation types in the Wet Tropics and Atherton Tablelands region
Date Record Created
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Date Coverage
2009-04-04 to 2009-09-06
Time Period
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Geospatial Location
  • Koombooloomba Forest (KBL1) -17.76519, 145.54364
  • Koombooloomba savanna (KBL2) -17.84991, 145.53236
  • Kauri Creek Forest (KCR) -17.10888, 145.60352
  • Davies Creek savanna (DCR) -17.0276, 145.58473
  • Cape Tribulation forest (CTC) -16.10312, 145.44692
  1. Type: brief

    This dataset contains monthly soil respiration measurements and associated air temperature and soil moisture measurements

  2. Type: full

    Soil respiration measurements collected using a Licor 8100 portable IRGA. Air temperature measured within the licor chamber, soil moisture collected using a ThetaProbe soil moisture sensor. Measurements were collected between April and September 2009 as part of an honours project at 3 rainforest and 2 savanna sites.The rainforest sites were Cape Tribulation at the Daintree Rainforest Observatory, Koombooloomba in the Tully Falls national park and Kauri Creek in the Danbulla national park (near Lake Tinaroo). The two savanna sites were Koombooloomba in the Koombooloomba state forest and Davies Creek in the Dinden National Park. Measurements at each site were divided between 4 'treatments': two treatments were measured at the soil surface (with litter and without litter) and the other two treatments were measured at depth (5cm soil removed and 30cm of soil removed). Measurements were further divided based on proximity to woody vegetation with half the measurements located adjacent to trees and the other half in inter-tree spaces.

  3. Type: note

    The dataset contains the following column headers: Date- the date the measurement was collected File Name - the unique file identifier from the Licor IRGA Visit - numerical sequence describing the order in which the groups of measurements were taken (eg 1 = first month, 2 = second month, etc) site - site code (KBL1 = koombooloomba forest, KBL2 = Koombooloomba savanna, DCR = Davies Creek savanna, KCR = Kauri Creek forest, CTC = Cape Tribulation forest) ecosystem - the site grouping (forest or savanna) vegetation - where the measurement was taken within the site (tree = adjacent to tree, grass = inter-tree spaces) treatment - the treatment applied to the measurement ( 1 = with litter, 2 = without litter, 3 = 5cm depth, 4= 30cm depth) type - surface (the measurement was taken at the soil surface - includes treatments 1 and 2) or depth (if soil was removed, includes treatments 3 and 4) Vol H2O - volumetric soil moisture as measured by the ThetaProbe chamber.temp = air temperature within the licor chamber, measured by the licor Flux - the soil respiration flux measured in micromoles per metre squared per second bulk.density - the bulk density of the soil. These values have no temporal value, ie samples were bulked for tree and grass locations at each site and were taken at the beginning of the project. distance to tree - the distance of the nearest tree to the measurement location comments - any additional information relating to the measurement. soil collars were frequently buried by wildlife or disturbed and needed to be reinstalled (these measurements should be interpreted with caution as they are unlikely to reflect ambient conditions).

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  1. Owned by: Miss Kalu Davies , , School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Primary Contact
Miss Kalu Davies,
  1. Prof Michael Bird ,
  1. Prof. Jon Lloyd
  2. Dr. Gustavo Saiz
  3. A/Prof. Michael Liddell
  4. Dr. Paul Nelson
Fields of Research
  1. 040299 - Geochemistry not elsewhere classified (040299)
  2. 050301 - Carbon Sequestration Science (050301)
Socio-Economic Objective
  1. 961403 - Forest and Woodlands Soils (961403)
  1. soil respiration
  2. daintree rainforest observatory
  3. carbon dioxide
  4. CO2
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Research Themes
Tropical Ecosystems, Conservation and Climate Change
CC BY-NC-SA: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 AU
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Open access. If the data is not freely accessible via the link provided, please contact the nominated data manager or for assistance.
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  1. SoilResp_2009.xls (Data File, Public)
  2. SoilResp_2009.ods (Data File, Public)
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Davies, K. (2015). Soil respiration measurements for savanna and forest vegetation types in the Wet Tropics and Atherton Tablelands region. James Cook University. (dataset).
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