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(Pachycephala griseiceps) - occurrence records filtered for species distribution modelling


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(Pachycephala griseiceps) - occurrence records filtered for species distribution modelling
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Geospatial Location
  • Continental Australia
  1. Type: brief

    (Pachycephala griseiceps) occurrence records from continental Australia suitable for species distribution modelling.

  2. Type: full

    This dataset includes observations of (Pachycephala griseiceps) that are sourced from the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) database. Rather than raw observations, these have been filtered such that they are assumed to be suitable for species distribution modelling exercises. The cleaning process included:

    1. automatic vetting based on the ALA's 'assertions' whereby observations were assessed as inappropriate for modelling (ie. 'ZERO_COORDINATES', 'INVALID SCIENTIFIC NAME');
    2. determining if the observations fell within expert-derived range polygons. These polygons were supplied by BirdLife Australia to represent, for each species, its core breeding habitat, non-breeding, historic, irruptive, or invasive ranges. Records that fall outside these ranges were marked as inappropriate for modelling; and
    3. human-derived classification of records after previous two assessments. Through the Edgar project (, users were able to map all species observations and comment on the suitability of records for distribution modelling. This included records deemed inappropriate by other means.

      Every 6 months the occurrence record download file is updated to reflect recent vetting by experts. In the data download, sensitive records have been obfuscated by truncating the lat/long to two decimal places. Obfuscated records will be indicated in the data file. Access to the accurate data will need to be arranged with the original data owners - contact the ALA for more information.

      The resulting downloadable file of occurrence records reflects which records are suitable for species distribution modelling.

  3. Type: note

    Data is downloadable as a zipped CSV file.

    These occurrence records are displayed on Edgar:

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Technical metadata
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  1. Managed by: Dr Jeremy Vanderwal , Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change
Primary Contact
Dr Jeremy Vanderwal,
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  1. Atlas of Living Australia;
Fields of Research
  1. Terrestrial Ecology (060208)
  2. Conservation and Biodiversity (050202)
Socio-Economic Objective
  1. Climate Change Adaptation Measures (960301)
  2. Climate Change Mitigation Strategies (960302)
  1. species occurrence records
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Research Themes
Tropical Ecosystems, Conservation and Climate Change
CC BY: Attribution 3.0 AU
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Access Rights/Conditions
Open Access. If the data is not available via the provided link, please contact an associated party (preferably the Manager if specified) for access
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  1. griseiceps)/occurrences
Stored At
A/Prof Jeremy VanDerWal, Centre for Tropical Biodiversity & Climate Change, James Cook University, Building 145, ATSIP, James Cook University Drive, Townsville, QLD, 4811, Australia
Vanderwal, J. (2013). (Pachycephala griseiceps) - occurrence records filtered for species distribution modelling. Centre for Tropical Biodiversity & Climate Change, James Cook University. (dataset). griseiceps)/occurrences