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application/x-fascinator-package Temperature data from Mirdidingki Creek, Bentinck Island, June 2013 - July 2014


This dataset contains water temperature data from Mirdidingki Creek, Bentinck Island, June 2013 - July 2014. Data was collected using HOBO Pendant instruments. The temperature data collected for this dataset assists in characterising seasonal environmental shifts throughout a full annual cycle. Additionally, they provide important context for growth regimes and shell geochemistry of associated mollusc species. 

application/x-fascinator-package Algal biochar: effects and applications data


In this study biochar was produced from one freshwater (FW) alga and one saltwater (SW) alga using commercial pyrolysis equipment, and the impact of biochar amendment on plant biomass production was assessed. 

application/x-fascinator-package Soil respiration measurements for savanna and forest vegetation types in the Wet Tropics and Atherton Tablelands region


This dataset contains monthly soil respiration measurements and associated air temperature and soil moisture measurements