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YUS Project Overview

TESS project leader: A/Prof Andrew Krockenberger

Description: The YUS Conservation area on the Huon Peninsula in Papua New Guinea is named for its three main rivers - Yopno, Uruwa and Som – covering 76,000 hectares of tropical forest from Papua New Guinea’s northern coast to its interior mountains. PNG established YUS as its first national conservation area in 2009, after more than a decade of work on the ground by The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Project (TKCP). The forest ecosystem teems with life and provides resources and services that sustain the 10,000 villagers living in the conservation area. The area represents critical habitat for Matschie’s tree kangaroo (Dendrolagus matschei), an Endangered species with a bear-like head, monkey’s tail and a marsupial’spouch. In 2010 the German Development Bank funded a collaborative project including James Cook University, TKCP and Conservation International, to investigate issues related to ecology, conservation, livelihoods and carbon sequestration in the YUS Conservation area.

Huon Tree Kangaroo

Funding body: KfW Entwicklungsbank

Collaborators: James Cook University (Andrew KrockenbergerMichael Bird, David Gillieson, Tony Page, Mark Ziembicki, Miriam Murphy, Jonathan Cornelius, Will Edwards, Gabriel Porolak, Wouter Dieleman, Michelle Venter, Tamara Inkster, Simon Robson, Darren Crayn), Tree Kangaroo Conservation Project, Conservation International

Project components with TESS involvement:


    The YUS COnservation Area, Papua New Guinea
    Stream near Sapmanga village, YUS Conservation Area, PNG
    Cloud shadows at sunrise near Ronji village, YUS Conservation Area, Papua New Guinea

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